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Enrolment Processes

Enrolment Condtions 

All applicants for enrolment are required to satisfy Australian Safety and Training Alliance that they meet all prerequisite requirements, where detailed in the relevant course documentation (or Training Course), prior to acceptance for admission to your chosen course.

Australian Safety and Training Alliance also reserves the right to refuse enrolment where a reasonable doubt exists that a potential applicant will not be able to successfully complete a course being offered having due regard to the performance criteria and conditions as set out in the relevant course documentation. Where some doubt exists as to the applicant’s ability to commence or complete a course, they will be offered counselling including opportunities for other avenues of study or possible bridging programs to develop entry level competencies.

All potential clients are encouraged to check the unit of competency for their chosen training course to ensure understanding of the knowledge and performance requirements prior to enrolment. If there is some doubt as to the requirements or outcomes of a course, please ask us for assistance in clarifying the suitability of the course to your skill development requirements. 

The training costs and fees associated with the courses offered by Australian Safety and Training Alliance are outlined in the relevant course information and will be provided to the client at the time an initial inquiry is made.

Some of the offered training courses may have a limited number placed on client attendance and these will be filled in a chronological order upon completion of enrolment.

Enrolment procedures will therefore be free of discrimination, and if an individual does not meet admission or entry requirements, all attempts are made to assist them to identify alternative courses of action.

Australian Safety and Training Alliance provides an enrolment process for all clients. This process provides all clients with access to our Client Handbook, , and may also require the completion or awareness of an Enrolment Form with personal details inclusive of the required NCVER - Standard enrolment questions (Release 8.0) for VET Providers.

As our client you must advise Australian Safety and Training Alliance of:

  • any medical condition or disability that may interfere or limit your ability to meet the competencies of your training.
  • any changes to your personal information that may affect our contact details
  • any limitations in your literacy or numeracy skills that may affect your ability to meet the training competencies
  • any intended application of Recognition of Current Competencies / Recognition of Prior Learning

The client must also;

  • attend or make yourself available for an induction to the training program
  • wear the necessary personal protective equipment or clothing as indicated by contact with us, or the trainer / assessor, or as indicated in the course materials provided.
  • acknowledge that you must observe our Health and Safety policies and all workplace practices as instructed by your trainer / assessor, including Equal Rights and Equal Opportunity and the Anti-Discrimination Acts, and Unacceptable Workplace Behaviours.

Australian Safety and Training Alliance will advise any clients of opportunities for funding and subsidy arrangements as and when these become available.


Client Information

When contacted by clients or prospective clients, Australian Safety and Training Alliance is to provide adequate information for them to make an informed decision on their preferred training course. Information will include:

  • a conversation with Australian Safety and Training Alliance – to determine what existing skills they may have, what options are available to them and any suggestions we may have for them
  • a Course Outline – proving an overview of the topic, any prerequisites and assessment processes
  • a date for the next available training for the course selected
  • a cost for the chosen training

Existing skills and knowledge are also to be taken into account when offering advice on potential course suitability for clients. To ensure clients have the best opportunity for success in their chosen training, a short LLN questionnaire is to be completed prior to enrolment in Nationally Recognised Training.

Client Enrolment 

Should the client wish to proceed further, we must provide;

  • an LLN assessment to be successfully completed prior to enrolment (Clients are provided with access to their preferred method to receive)
  • a copy of relevant training materials information, such as a Course Outline (if not already provided)
  • a copy of our Enrolment Form
  • A copy of the Client Handbook RTO-P-02 (inclusive of our Code of Practice, Enrolment Conditions, Complaints and Appeals procedures).

We also refer the client to the Australian Safety and Training Alliance web site for further information or to enroll through this option.

Persons who do not meet one or more of the entry/admission requirements and or are refused enrolment will be informed in writing of the decision and explained their appeal rights.

On commencement of the training, all clients have the course materials explained to them including assessment processes. This also provides the client with opportunity to question the trainer / assessor on any issues. Our clients have the ability to question our processes or outcomes through the complaints and appeals process identified in our Client Handbook RTO-P-02, procedure RTO-P-05 Complaints and Appeals. This process is available to all clients of Australian Safety and Training Alliance and shall be dealt with by the Director or their delegate if and when issues arise.


Induction and Orientation

Induction and Orientation

ASTA conducts an enrolment, induction and orientation program for all clients. This program reviews the Code of Practice and also includes: The completion of an Enrolment Form (if required) and any specific needs of the individual client with regard to:

  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy support;
  • digital literacy
  • venue safety and facility arrangements;
  • relevant legislative requirements and accessibility;
  • review of the training and assessment program and flexible learning and assessment;
  • client support, welfare and guidance services arrangements;
  • complaints and appeals procedures;
  • disciplinary procedures; and  
  • recognition arrangements and Credit Transfer.

All clients are expected to take responsibility, in line with all current workplace practices and legislation, for their own learning and behaviour during both on and off the job training and assessment.

All fees are to be paid for the chosen course of training prior to commencement of training. For regular clients that provide alternative payment methods such as company Order Numbers, they are able to attend training and payment will be requested through an invoicing process.

Any breaches of discipline will result in the client being given a verbal warning. Further breaches will result in the client having to explain as to why they should not be excluded from further participation in the program.

Australian Safety and Training Alliance will advise any clients of opportunities for funding and subsidy arrangements as and when these become available.


Course Fees

Upon enrolment, the client is to pay the appropriate fee prior to course commencement. For those clients that provide Order Numbers or similar, the payment is to be made on receipt of the invoice for services provided.

Clients are informed of the fee either in a training proposal provided to them or electronically through the provision of course information, or verbally on discussion with Australian Safety and Training Alliance.

If after enrolment, the client wishes to change courses or change their mind in relation to continuing the course of training and information within the following section for Fees, Charges & Refunds. 

The Director or their delegate will make the judgement of the refunds issued to clients, in consultation with the client. Australian Safety and Training Alliance will ensure that we provide our services in alignment with the Australian Consumer Laws.

If Australian Safety and Training Alliance is under a contact for service with a client, we are obligated to provide the services specified in the timeframe nominated or negotiated in the contract / agreement.

In the unlikely event that Australian Safety and Training Alliance does not provide the required services due to unforeseen circumstances, we will provide a negotiated refund in conjunction with the client.

For any changes to the training program, ASTA will notify all enrolled clients as soon as possible as to the changes. Alternative training delivery dates, locations, or assessment activities may be available and ASTA will arrange this and notify all clients prior to the training being conducted.


Fees, Charges and Refunds

Clients of Australian Safety and Training Alliance pay an agreed fee prior to commencement of the program in which they are enrolled. In some cases, where bulk enrolment or regular clients are enrolling, payment may be made after the raising of an invoice for payment is provided.

Australian Safety and Training Alliance undertakes to ensure that we provide financial safeguards for fees, charges and subsidies received from all Clients and training service clients. We ensure that all fees and charges paid are recorded in the appropriate manner so as to guarantee financial integrity.

Refunds due to cancellation, postponement etc will be as per the provided information.

  • Clients who have overpaid and have supporting documentation as proof will be issued a refund to the required amount.
  • Where the client paid monies and the course is unavailable to commence, a refund of fees paid will be issued.
  • A transfer to a future course received more than 10 working days in advance of the start of the course will be able to so without penalty.
  • A cancellation more than 10 working days in advance of the start of the course will attract a 10% administration fee and the balance refunded.
  • Cancellation received between 5-10 working days before the start of the course will forfeit 50% of the course fee and the balance refunded.
  • Cancellations within 5 working days of the course will forfeit 75% of the course fee and the balance refunded.
  • Nonattendance without notice will result in the full course fee being charged. Where a client commences a course and is unable to complete, no refund will be issued.
  • In all cases, a substitute may be nominated to attend the original course without penalty.


Conditions of Credit

In the event of Australian Safety and Training Alliance granting credit facilities to the client, then:

  • All accounts are to be settled in full within the agreed trading terms noted on the Australian Safety and Training Alliance invoice. Credit facilities may only continue if payment is maintained in accordance with these agreed terms.
  • Should the applicant default in making any payment in accordance with the agreed terms, all monies due to Australian Safety and Training Alliance immediately become due and payable. ASTA shall be entitled to charge interest at the rate of 2.5% per calendar month, compounding on all overdue amounts, from the original payment due date until date of actual payment.
  • Any expenses, costs and/or disbursements incurred by Australian Safety and Training Alliance in recovering outstanding monies, including debt collection agency fees and legal costs, shall be paid by the client.
  • It is expressly understood and agreed that these credit terms may be terminated at any time. In that event, all monies owing to Australian Safety and Training Alliance will be immediately due and payable.

Enrolments are accepted on the basis that Australian Safety and Training Alliance will not be held liable for costs incurred due to course cancellation or rescheduling. Australian Safety and Training Alliance will endeavour to give as early advice as possible of any course changed. Also be advised that minimum numbers apply to run all courses. Course dates and fees are subject to change without prior notice.


ASTA consults in the range of Safety Services including:

ASTA can provide audits to a wide range of WHS standards, and our auditors are fully accredited with Exemplar Global and Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

Australian Safety & Training Alliance currently delivers Training and Assessment all over Queensland and Northern New South Wales.